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£120 to Fly a Spitfire?!

Have you ever dreamt of flying the legendary Spitfire? Well now you can take to the skies with your wingman in our twin VR motion combat simulators. replicating the Mk9 Spitfire, You will start your experience with flight training, learning to fly the aircraft and its handling characteristics before moving on to frontline duties with your squadron .

Included in the experience is a unique souvenir Mission Pack packed full of expertly reproduced WW2 era reproduction documents including Joining instructions, RAF Air Mail magazine, Flying Duties Booklet, Battle of Britain/Normandy landings headline newspaper, information guide in case of capture behind enemy lines, assorted photographs and a Pilots Notes book for the MK 9 Spitfire.

These documents will certainly give budding pilots a sense of what it was like to join the RAF during wartime and fly the Spitfire.

One Spitfire pack is included with all Spitfire Flight Experiences, extras can be ordered at checkout or purchased on the day.

With Christmas around the corner, The Spitfire Experience is the perfect gift for a loved one.

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