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There are very few packages like this available within the UK and none at this low price; unbelievable value for money. We even include an extra hour of dry hire for you to put your new skills to the test. 
Everything that you are taught is accurate to operational procedures currently conducted within many of our regional airlines. This list below outlines the curriculum that the training is based around. Ideal for any sim enthusiast or pilot looking to develop their knowledge fast!

  • 4 hours of instruction

  • An additional one hour of dry hire time to practice individually 

  • Covers all aircraft startup procedures, including taking it from cold and dark, programming the FMC and the pushback / taxi. 

  • All pre-flight checks and lining up on the runway 

  • Departure procedures 

  • Correct handling of the aircraft / practice maintaining headings, altitude and pitch.

  • Approach procedures and landing the aircraft.

  • Correct use of EFIS / PFD / NAV

  • Automated flight including; autothrottle, and Mode Control Panel

  • Use of COMM / NAV systems on the pedestal: tuning into frequencies for ILS approaches.

  • Missed approach procedures 

  • Solo circuits 

  • Commanding an entire route between two airports 

  • Changing flight path to meet ATC instructions 

  • An introduction to night sectors 

  • IFR flight and zero visibility operations. 

  • Engine failures

  • An observed flight test during the dry hire time.  


A 6-month gift voucher for 5 hours of flight time at the controls of our Boeing 737 simulator for you or to present as a once in a lifetime gift. A presentation pack will be posted out to you.


Everyone can enjoy our simulator, regardless of previous experience! You will receive a complimentary briefing to get you ready and a post-flight debrief to guide your development.  


Bring the family. Up to five guests can watch your flight from the passenger cabin. We have an onsite lounge and bar that overlooks the apron and manoeuvring area at Blackpool Airport.  


* Free video and physical briefing / debriefing

* Free HD video of your simulator session.

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“Thoroughly enjoyed this, from start to finish. What a realistic experience!”

Anthony - London