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John Westoby - Director

John has developed a wealth of aviation knowledge over his 45 years in aviation. He is a flying instructor, examiner and also a line training pilot for Be200 Kingairs.

Dan May

Daniel developed both the 737 and Air Combat simulators and now manages the maintenance and technical aspects of the simulators. He holds an ATPL and is currently a First Officer on a twin engine turboprop aircraft.


Tom Booth - Instructor

Tom is responsible for managing the day to day operations of 737Pro, as well as instructing on both our 737 and Air Combat simulators. He has a private pilot licence and has recently completed his ATPL (air transport pilots licence) exams.

Paul Astle.jpg

Paul Astle - Instructor 

Paul is one of our resident instructors for experience flights. He has a private pilots licence and is currently training for his ATPL (air transport pilots licence). Paul also utilises his expertise in networking and I.T to keep our simulator online and up to date. 

Daniel May - Technical Support

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