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Our simulator is based upon the B737-800NG model. The world's leading twin-engine short to medium range passenger aircraft. 


The Next Generation variant features a redesigned wing that is larger in area, with a wider wingspan and greater fuel capacity. It is equipped with CFM56-7 series engines, a glass cockpit, and features upgraded and redesigned interior configurations; capable of carrying up to 189 passengers. 



Our latest addition is our state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator.

Combining motion simulation and the latest virtual technology gives the most immersive experience available on a range of aircraft from vintage warbirds to the latest fast jets.

The matching side-by-side configuration means you can team up with a wingman or go head to head in a dogfight across the skies. Our main VR aircraft types are the MK9 Spitfire and the F/A18 multi role fighter jet. Other aircraft available are the TF-51 Mustang and the Russian SU25 ground attack jet.  


The British Spitfire is one of the most iconic fighter aircraft of World War II. Most famous for its role in the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire served as Britain's primary fighter during the entirety of the World War 2. 

Its first combat success came on 30 July 1942, when a Spitfire Mk IX shot down a Fw 190. Amongst other notable achievements, the Mk IX took part in the highest altitude combat of the Second World War, when it intercepted a Ju 86R at 43,000 feet over Southampton on 12 September 1942. On 5 October 1944 Spitfire Mk IXs of 401 Squadron were the first allied aircraft to shoot down an Me 262 Jet.

  • Top Speed - 409 mph at 28,000 feet

  • Service Ceiling - 43,000 feet

Spitfire Simulator at Blackpool Airport


The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is a twin-enginesupersonic, all-weather, carrier-capable, multirole combat jet, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft, hence the F/A designation. 


The F/A-18 was designed to be a highly versatile aircraft due to its avionics, cockpit displays, and excellent aerodynamic characteristics, with the ability to carry a wide variety of weapons. The aircraft can perform fighter escort, fleet air defensesuppression of enemy air defensesair interdictionclose air support, and aerial reconnaissance

  • Maximum speed: 1,030 kn (1,190 mph) at 40,000 feet

  • Service ceiling: 50,000 ft

F18 Fighter Jet Simulator at Blackpool Airport
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