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Dry hire of the 737 flight simulator is now available.


Are you an airline pilot looking for a cost-effective way to keep current and practice for proficiency checks?  You are able to self hire our the simulator at a fantastic rate! 


Please note that this is for commercially qualified pilots only (proof of license will be required). It is for the intention of revalidation training and self-practice. It is not intended for initial 737 training (please see our other flight packages for training options, as all initial training will only be conducted by in house staff). 


An instructor is not provided and you should have a complete understanding of how to operate the aircraft. A technician will be provided to support maintenance of the simulator system only.  ​





  • For a single customer training using their own instructor, or 2 pilots flying multi-crew with the option of bringing a third person to provide instruction only.

  • Instruction for revalidation and proficiency assessments only.  

  • Only £80 per hour - an unbeatable rate!

  • Buy 4 hours, get 1 extra hour free (must be purchased in a single transaction)

  • May be split into different session dates (minimum of 1 hour per session) 

  • May only be used by the person who makes the purchase, in addition to another pilot and instructor. 

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