Learn how to control the aircraft and manoeuvre around the sky. Perform barrel roles, loops, wingovers and a range of other aerobatics. Develop speed control and use the information on the Heads Up Display to fly like a Fighter Pilot!

Take what you have learnt low level! Set your Radar altimeter to 250ft and blast through the mountains and valleys. Roll your way over hill tops and fly inverted down the other side. This will truly get you comfortable and agile with flying the aircraft.  

Cycle between machine guns and missiles. Learn how to get into attack positions and dominate other aircraft. Shoot ahead of the target so that your rounds hit your target’s trajectory. Lock missiles onto target and fire! Fire decoy flares to avoid being hit. Eject if all else fails!

   Air to Air Combat   

Cycle through the weapons management system and lock in your target. Fly attack runs avoiding surface to air missiles! Take out your target and get out of there before you are intercepted.

   Air to Ground Attack Runs   

   Air to Air Refuelling   

Fly a range of military helicopter gunships from across the world. Use the collective, cyclic and pedals to practice everything from taking off to hovering and landing.

   Helicopter Gunships   

Fly Spitfires and wide selection of WW2 combat aircraft over Normandy. Go head-to-head against your friends or our instructor and re-live the thrills, excitement and fear of classic dog fights.

   Vintage Warbirds   

Catapult off of an aircraft carrier and perform a low-level circuit over the sea. Deploy your hook and attempt a landing back on deck. Hit full throttle when (if) you land because if you miss the cable, you’re going in the sea!

   Aircraft Carrier Take Off & Landings     

   General Handling & Aerobatics   

The ultimate skill. Deploy your airborne refuelling nozzle and match the speed of the tanker. The slightest twitch and it all goes wrong! Mastered this? Let’s switch on the NGV’s and go again at night!

   General Handling & Aerobatics   

   Proximity Flying  

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