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737 pro is located within our sister company, Westair Flying Services at Blackpool Airport. 


With over 80 years in Aviation we a wealth of experience providing private and commercial flight training. In that time, we have trained thousands of pilots! 
Based at Blackpool airport, we have a range of aircraft from light Cessnas for Private training and hour building to our Diamond DA50 for commercial and instrument training.

We have a team of dedicated instructors and all of our ground staff are pilots too so they can give you advice based on first hand experience.


Whether you are interested in an aviation career, pleasure flight or a one off experience, a trial flying lesson with us is the right place to start.

Choose a flight of either 20, 30 or 60 minutes flight time, taking in the local scenery from the Fylde coast up to the lake district!

All trial flying lesson flight times can be logged towards a Pilots Licence. 


Departing from Blackpool Airport, your half day flying experience will take you to some of the most picturesque airfields the U.K has to offer. After Lunch refreshments at your destination it is time for the return flight back to Blackpool. The half day flying experience is perfect to see were you can go wit a pilots licence!  

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