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 2Day Course £295

New courses for 2022!

Summer Holidays 

Friday 26th August - Saturday 27th August

Fully Booked! 

Autumn Half Term  

Friday 28th October - Saturday 29th October 

1 Space available. 

  • Aimed at learners aged 13 to 16 years of age with an interest in aviation 

  • Available during school holidays throughout the year

  • Train in our state-of-the-art B737-800NG Airline flight simulator

  • Groups limited to two students per intake 

  • At Blackpool Airport, within Westair Flying School

  • 12.5 hours+ of total training worth £1600. Contribute only £295 (81.5% subsidised)

  • Schools, cadets and clubs are able to sponsor the cost 

  • Improve teamwork, develop confidence, raise aspirations and gain essential aviation knowledge and skill sets 

  • Course syllabus developed by experienced Key Stage 3 & 4 teachers, then delivered by pilots 

  • Course completion certificate and presentation epaulettes handed out on final flights, with guests invited to attend and observe. Free HD Video of final flight assessment

This unbeatable and unique scheme is the perfect opportunity for aspiring Future Pilots to explore the possibilty of a career as a professional Pilot. 

Students work as both Captain and First Officer in operating a simulated regional flight. They demonstrate their ability to start, taxi, take-off, cruise, land and shut down the aircraft, all whilst working within a co-operative multi-crew environment. The course culminates with family invited to fly with them on their final flights. 

Did you know?


You can start formal flight training for a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) from age 14.


737 pro is located within Westair Flying School who are an industry leading private and commercial flight school. Why not take to the skies on a Trial Lesson and take the first steps towards your PPL? All flight time accrued on a Trial Lesson can be logged towards the issue of a licence and a minimum of 45 hours is required before a licence can be issued. 

Our Trial Lessons are available for 20, 30 and 60 minutes flight time. All lessons for Future Pilots are flown in one of our 4 seat aircraft, either a Cessna 172 or PA28 due to age requirements. 


Receive an extra 10% off plus your own bespoke training date/plan for each group of four learners. Use the payment link below for this offer.  




Have you already attended our Future Pilot course? If so we invite you back for a one-day advanced course, getting even deeper into airline operation and IFR flight. Click here for details. 


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