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Future Pilot

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737 Pro Future Pilots

Future Pilot
Future Pilot


ONLY £295


The original Future Pilots course, this unbeatable and unique scheme is heavily subsidised, with an 81.5% training cost contribution from 737 Pro.


Aspiring students work as both a Captain and First Officer in operating the aircraft simulator.


The final course day culminates in a simulated regional flight, operated independently by the students. They demonstrate their ability to start, taxi, take-off, cruise, land and shut down the airliner; all whilst working within a co-operative multi-crew environment.



  • Aimed at learners aged 12 to 17 years of age with an interest in aviation 

  • Available in the North West after school, or nationally during school holidays

  • Train in our state-of-the-art B737-800NG Airline flight simulator

  • Groups limited to four students per evening / eight students per intake 

  • One evening per week, 2.5 hours per evening for 5 weeks. Alternatively split over two days in the school holidays

  • At Blackpool Airport, within Westair Flying School

  • 12.5 hours+ of total training worth £1600. Contribute only £295 (81.5% subsidised)

  • Schools, cadets and clubs are able to sponsor the cost 

  • Improve teamwork, develop confidence, raise aspirations and gain essential aviation knowledge and skill sets 

  • Course syllabus developed by experienced Key Stage 3 & 4 teachers, then delivered by pilots 

  • Course completion certificate and Captain’s epaulettes handed out on presentation evening, with guests invited to attend and observe. Free HD Video of final flight assessment


Receive an extra 10% off plus your own bespoke training date/plan for each group of four learners. Use the payment link below for this offer.  




Have you already attended our Future Pilot course? If so we invite you back for a one-day advanced course, getting even deeper into airline operation and IFR flight. Click here for details.