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ONLY £175


Are you an existing Future Pilot student of 737 Pro? Did you complete the course and fly a full sector as Captain and First Officer? 

Yes ... Good!

In that case, we now invite you back for our one-day advanced course. Looking even deeper at IFR flight and airline procedures. The best bit is that this course is limited to 2 students per day, meaning that you never leave the flight deck!

Only available to those who have completed the initial Future Pilot mod one course (click here)

  • 9am until 5pm over a single day during weekends or school holidays.

  • Course limited to 2 students per day!

  • Over 7 hours of flight training for a fraction of the price

  • Advanced IFR and low visibility landing procedures at some of the world's most challenging destinations

  • No need to apply, available on a  first come first serve basis to existing 737 Pro graduates aged 12 to 17   

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