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ONLY £295

Just starting your ATPL ground school exams? Started them already and finding it difficult to contextualise it all? 


We offer a three-hour bespoke course that is a mixture of ground school, a systems walk through and hands-on flying of the simulator. This affordable solution is a must for all ATPL students. We offer further bonuses for participating ground school providers. 


Book your session below or contact us for more details. 


  • All training conducted by a commercial pilot that holds a current Boeing 737 Type Rating and works as flight crew on the aircraft on a regular basis. 

  • 4 hours training package

  • 3 hours one to one instruction

  • One additional hour of supervised dry hire for you to practice procedures or anything else covered in the initial training.

  • If the simulator is not booked immediately after your session, you will be offered up to an additional 30 minutes of dry hire time free of charge. 


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