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  FROM £80  


Take to the skies as captain of our state of the art multi-engine jet simulator. Our 737 experience is a fast-paced and thrilling experience for you or as a perfect gift for a loved one. 


From the moment that you step onto the flight deck, you will feel as though you are in charge of the real thing.

  30 minute  

This is a fast-paced introductory session starts off on the runway. Get airborne fly a short route and touchdown for an experience you will never forget.

  60 minute  

Start at the gate and taxi the aircraft to the runway. Then take to the skies, flying a short route to another airport. Once you've made the perfect landing, taxi in and shut the engines down.

  90 minute  

 Why not test yourself? Fly a full flight from start to finish. Once you've got the hang of things lets put the pressure on with some tricky manoeuvres and challenging weather.

  120 minute  

Really fancy a challenge? Get tested to the limit. See how to handle in flight emergencies and fly at some of the most challenging airports in the world like Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps.


A 6-month gift voucher to experience the thrill of taking the controls of our Boeing 737 simulator for you or to present as a once in a lifetime gift. A presentation pack will be posted out to you.


Everyone can enjoy our simulator, regardless of previous experience! You will receive a complimentary briefing to get you ready and a post-flight debrief to guide your development.  


Bring the family. Up to five guests can watch your flight from the passenger cabin. We have an onsite lounge and bar that overlooks the apron and manoeuvring area at Blackpool Airport.  


* Free video and physical briefing / debriefing

* Free high-quality digital photos of you on the flightdeck   

* Free HD video of your simulator session.

Flight Experience gift voucher
Trip advisor 5 star review

“Thoroughly enjoyed this, from start to finish. What a realistic experience!”

Anthony - London

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